Making your own vape e-juice is not only a fun DIY activity – it’s also an easy way to control the ingredients that go into your e-liquid. When you buy pre-made e-liquids, you might not always be aware of what ingredients are being used and in what ratios. But by using a product such as our Ethyl Maltol liquid – which is a Flavour Apprentice sweetener – you have greater control over the flavour of your e-juice as well as what exactly is going into each puff you take from your vape.

Used by itself with an unflavoured e-juice dilution, this sweetening solution can create a TFA cotton candy flavour that will bring you back to those childhood memories enjoying cotton candy at the carnival. Used with other flavours, such as one of TFA/TPA’s many delicious fruit flavours, our TPA sweetener can help you control how tart or sweet you want your e-liquid to be. This sweetener is used in almost all ejuice mixtures to sweeten and mellow the vape. Shop now for a more delicious vape flavour every time!

  • Water Soluble
  • PG based flavoring

**Concentrated Flavoring: Must be diluted

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5 ML, 10 ML, 15 ML, 30 ML, 60 ML, 120 ML

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