our story

About our Store

The staff at DRAGON want what their customers want, the experience of making your own liquid that makes you feel happy and Enjoy the great taste. We have all the materials you need to make your own e-liquid.

The cornerstone of Dragon Flavors is our customer service. Our wide range of flavors and great prices have made us one of the strongest companies in the flavor refill industry in Egypt.

Where it all started

Our story started as a small, self-serving interest with the intent to produce our own E-liquid, thereby saving money on something that should have been less expensive than smoking. Once we realized the endeavor was within our means and very much worthwhile, we began selling E-liquid to order on groups’ Facebook,

in the days prior to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). During this time our trading name was “Dragon Liquid”.

We opted for a Norse theme due to our own interests in the area. We quickly changed to Afterlife Vapour and began selling flavor concentrates only, in lieu of impending legislation that would restrict our ability to do so.

During this time, the market for flavor concentrates grew rapidly and a niche within the E-Liquid industry opened the DIY E-Liquid sensation. Many Vapers realized the potential savings represented in Shots&Flavours and the company flourished

Our Mission

Our goal is to make sure that 100% of our customers have an excellent shopping experience. To achieve this, we process orders quickly to ensure fast shipping and delivery of all orders as well as several ways 

to contact us.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are here to help!

“Dragon Flavours”, is now one of the biggest names in the game. Our product range diversified and we now continue to sell Shots, Single Flavours, Make Your Recipes, as well as E-Liquid, Nicotine, Base, Additives, and more.