Whether you vape to enjoy the great flavour that can be experienced with a delicious e-liquid or you use it as a way to help quit your smoking habit, you can certainly appreciate the cool sensation of a menthol-like flavour in the back of your mouth. For those who are trying to quit smoking, it can be a daunting task not only to stop smoking but also to find the vape e-juice that will most effectively satisfy your craving for that cigarette taste you’re used to. Fortunately, this PG-based menthol substitute, created by TFA/TPA, mimics the cool menthol flavour you want without the same negative health side effects of smoking cigarettes.

When diluted with another e-juice flavour, our water-soluble TPA Koolada menthol substitute helps you break your habit of cigarette smoking with the feeling that you are still smoking cigarettes. We highly recommend this Koolada TFA flavouring for anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to take back control of their habits and quit smoking for good. And even those vaping for pure pleasure will love trying this unique flavour sensation. Get yours today!

  • Water Soluble
  • PG based

**Concentrated Flavoring: Must be diluted with eJuice


5 ML, 10 ML, 15 ML, 30 ML, 60 ML, 120 ML


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Ws Koolada
25.00 EGP370.00 EGP
  • 5 ML
  • 10 ML
  • 15 ML
  • 30 ML
  • 60 ML
  • 120 ML
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